Friday, July 12, 2013

Candy Crush Saga Unlimited Lives (How-To / Cheat)

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Just when you’re about to enjoy yourself in attempting to solve a puzzle level in Candy Crush Saga, you have gotten so hooked into the game that you forget you already have consumed all five lives. You have spent all your tries on end a level but failed to meet its objectives. Such is the cruel fate of addicted players, who must wait for half an hour at most to replenish just one life (or an excruciatingly long wait of 2.5 hours for the full five lives to regenerate).

Candy Crush Saga - No more lives

If you’re a diehard Candy Crush user like me, then you must have thought about how to cheat your way into playing the game without worrying about running out of lives or attempts to win every level. Well, you’re in luck. There’s an easy way to unlimited gameplay that only takes less than 3 minutes of your time in order to reset or fully recharge your game lives.

Basically, the cheat involves clearing data that stores Candy Crush game information, and that includes your current lives. By doing so, the levels you completed and the scores you made for each level will be erased as well. Fear not, you won’t have to work your way back to the level you last played, because you will just have to sync your Candy Crush app with its Facebook equivalent. As such, you must have connected the app to your FB account beforehand.

How to Get Unlimited Candy Crush Lives

Note that I’ve only tested the following steps below using Candy Crush Saga app for Android (specifically installed on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running on Jelly Bean 4.1). While you may perform similar steps on how to clear game data on other platforms, like the Apple iPad and iPhone, you may have different and perhaps unsuccessful results when using this cheat.

1. Important: Make sure your app is first connected to Facebook and its data synchronized. You can verify this by opening the game on FB and checking if the latest unlocked level is the same as the one in your device.

2. Go to your Android device’s Settings and then open Application manager.

Android SettingsAndroid Settings - Application Manager

3. Scroll through the list of downloaded apps and select Candy Crush Saga.

4. The app’s info screen then appears. Tap on the Clear data button.

Candy Crush Saga - Android app infoCandy Crush Saga - Android delete app data

5. Tap the OK button in the pop-up warning dialog box (Delete app data? All of this application’s data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases, etc.)

6. Launch Candy Crush Saga. Since its user data has just been cleared, there’s a Connect button right below the Play button. If you’ll tap on Play!, you’ll notice that you’re back on level 1.

Candy Crush Saga - Reset and back to level 1Candy Crush Saga - Successfully connected to Facebook

7. In the app’s home or main screen, tap on Facebook’s Connect button. Enter your FB credentials when asked, then wait as the app connects to the social network. It will then say “succesfully connected to Facebook! All progress is now sychronized with your account.” If the attempt to connect fails, simply retry.

8. Tap on the Play! button. You’re now back to your last unlocked level and with five full lives to use with.

Candy Crush Saga - Restored to last unlocked level and with full lives

As you can see, this cheat does not exactly work by increasing your success in beating every puzzle level. You don’t gain more power-ups either. It is merely a workaround or bypass to the long wait of getting back five lives.

I also do not know how synchronization really works between Facebook and your device’s Candy Crush Saga app. There might be a chance that when you connect to Facebook, its own data will be replaced by the ones from your recently cleaned mobile app. This means that both the Facebook game and its mobile equivalent are back on level 1. I’ve yet to encounter this possible issue, but you have been warned nonetheless.

Other ways to get more Candy Crush Saga game lives

There are other ways to get back lives besides my own cheat. One popular method is to set the current date on your Android or iOS device one day ahead, as if you’re living in the future. Since the life timer depends on your gadget’s internal clock, moving the time forward fully recharges all lives. You can adjust the date one day ahead again when you run out of lives once more and have them fully replenished.  But when you run out again and revert the date back to the right one, you’ll wait a day just to get one life, instead of the usual thirty-minute delay. To fix this, you’ll need to reinstall Candy Crush Saga.

Do note that tinkering with your device’s time settings may negatively affect other apps such as messaging, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

But enough about cheats. There are legitimate ways to get back lives. One obvious thing is simply wait for 30 minutes. If you have some money to spare, you can also fully recharge your lives by spending a little more than a dollar. That way, you are at least supporting the developers who made the game you’re enjoying so much, that they can be inspired to create more games that exploit the frustration of players and use it to tempt them to spend more money. Bittersweet, eh?

Don’t forget your Facebook friends. Some of them are bound to be Candy Crush Saga addicts as well, that they don’t mind receiving game invites and requests from you to give you extra moves, power-ups, and lives. And speaking of the social network, its app’s life timer works separately from the one in your device. Therefore, you can play the game on Facebook as you wait for your device’s app equivalent to replenish its depleted lives.