Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to show DOTA 2 Ping and FPS permanently

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One of the common commands that people use in Dota 2 is –ping, which shows the game latency in milliseconds (ms) and packet loss for a short while. But as you continue playing this popular MOBA, you will want to always check if the game has a consistently short response time to your inputs. This guide is meant to show you how to display ping, as well as the frame rate—also known as, frames per second (FPS)—permanently.

Dota 2

Seeing the latency or ping all the time lets you determine if you have a fast and stable Internet connection. If you find otherwise, then you will need to take certain steps to reduce the lag. After all, you can’t just ignore all the spikes happening from time to time as it will just ruin both your and your teammates’ game experience.

How to display Ping and FPS in Dota 2 constantly

The tutorial steps below are what you need to see your ping and FPS in Dota 2. First, we need to enable the developer console in the game.

1. In your Steam Library, right-click Dota 2 and select Properties.

Dota 2 Properties

2. Under General tab, click the Set Launch Options… button.

Dota 2 Set Launch Options

3.  Type in –console and press OK.

After the steps above, launch the Dota 2 application. The console should appear by default. If not, you can invoke its window by pressing its assigned key (single quotation or by default).

1. Enter net_graph 1.

Dota 2 Console net_graph 1

Command help text:

net_graph.” = 1 draw the network usage graph, = 2 draws data on payload, = 3 draws payload legend

With that command entered, you should be able to view the ping and FPS permanently, as well as the packets being sent every second.

Dota 2 net_graph default location

Other Tips & Tricks for Dota 2 Ping and FPS

By default, the data is shown at the lower-right portion of the screen. If you find the numbers too distracting while you play, you can adjust their position elsewhere on the Dota 2 HUD. Use the following console commands for repositioning:

net_graphheight x

- changes height of the netgraph panel

net_graphinsetbottom x

net_graphinsetleft x

net_graphinsetright x

net_graphinsettop x

- adjusts margin relative to the height

net_graphproportionalfont 0

- makes the numbers appear smaller

Experiment with the commands above with your screen’s resolution in mind.

Should you decide to remove the net_graph data, just enter net_graph 0 in the console.

If you prefer to show just the FPS, you can make use of the cl_showfps 1 console command instead.

The net_graph is also compatible with many games developed/created by Valve, such as Counter-Strike.