Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: ForumCash – A Scam Disguised as Legit Work

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Have you ever seen those Google ads claiming that the search giant apparently lets you earn thousands of US dollars in just one week? It sounds too good to be true, right? That’s because it is, trying to lure innocent people looking for an easy source of online income. The same thing goes to ForumCash. It apparently offers a more reasonable rate for your honest hard work, but it doesn’t actually live up to its promise. It’s just a fraud.


It’s not an outright scam, mind you. ForumCash isn’t like many websites that promise riches with very little effort in your part. It also doesn’t ask any upfront payment in order to sign up and then just ignore you when you’ve already sent the money. You can even get paid, assuming you do get accepted. Its evil scheme lies elsewhere.

ForumCash begins tricking you and other users with job offers that are reasonably straightforward. But before you can get to those money opportunities, you will need to undergo a certain kind of test first. (At this point, everything still seems fine. Many legit online destinations for freelancers—like oDesk—require tests so they can award you with credentials.) It will apparently measure how eager you are in accomplishing the upcoming tasks. The next part is where it all becomes suspicious: You will be required to share certain links on your Facebook wall, basically promoting ForumCash. And the endorsing doesn’t end in just your wall, because you will also have to spam on the FB timeline of several friends and on your Twitter feeds.

Though required, there’s no one in ForumCash who will actually verify if you’ve complied with the certain number of spam you must make on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, I don’t think that they will even check if you’ve done any promotion at all! I guess they’re fine with things as long as they fool several would-be workers to scam more people into joining their cause. It’s like a pyramid scheme.

If you do receive an assignment from them, the tasks usually are tedious and tiresome. You’ll end up working for several hours (more or less 18 hours a day) that usually requires writing, copy-pasting, encoding, and more spamming. You’d think you’ll rewarded with big bucks for all those work. In reality, the compensation only ranges from Php200-300 a day. As of this writing, that’s equal to 4.59 to 6.89 USD. That may already sound a lot for the average online worker who lives in developing countries like India and the Philippines, but don’t forget the number of hours spent just to earn that amount.

ForumCash is capable of continuing its scam, because of the exponential effect from the social network promotions done by the applicants. Any hired workers don’t get to stay working for the company for too long. They will eventually get tired of the long hours of work for the small pay or of the lack of active communication.

If you’re wise enough to read reviews like this post before signing up for ForumCash, you’re lucky. Others have fallen into their trap and have regretted it. Check out these other links to prove that the company is a fraud:

Of course, there are some people who claim to have a positive experience on ForumCash. We’ll let you decide if they really are telling the truth.

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