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Clash of Clans in-depth guide: how to farm gold and elixir fast

Clash of Clans is a fun, strategy game. Critics and users alike are giving it rave reviews, but some players are complaining that once you reach higher town hall levels, it gets hard to collect the right amount of elixir, gold, and dark elixir to upgrade buildings and units. And just about when you’re almost reached the needed quantity, some random player attacks your town and steals from you. Check out these tips on how to farm resources efficiently in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans - Clan Wars


Lose Deliberately

As you devote more of your time playing Clash of Clans and collecting trophies, you’ll eventually reach the point where it’s quite hard to farm for resources. Multiplayer matchmaking will mostly pit you against tougher opponents, while you become easy target by stronger players. It becomes quite hard to collect the right amount of elixir or gold to upgrade a building, so hard that you’ll have builders sitting idle instead of making themselves useful.

But hey, you’ve already wasted a lot of time playing this game, so you just can’t give up. Try this method: lose on purpose to lower your trophy count. Trophies are what the multiplayer matchmaking aspect of Clan of Clans uses to search for your opponents. If your rating is low, then you’ll be matched against easier opponents—the ones with weaker defenses that’s easier to overcome. There are still stronger players included in the mix, but they tend to be fewer in occurrence while matchmaking.

If you want to try this tactic, you must first decide on a league bracket that’s best for your town hall level. In my case, I’m deliberately placing myself at the Silver League I (trophy count 1200-1399) because the loot there is good enough. To lose on purpose, just find a match, drop a cheap unit, and hit the Surrender. The next step is to build an army that’s mostly comprised of goblins, with wall breakers for easy access to the storage units, elixir collectors, and gold mines. Add a few giants, archers, and barbarians in the mix to act as distractors to the defenses. The total elixir needed to create this army is quite cheap and can be easily recovered through looting. Expected resource amount to earn through this strategy is around 500k to 1,000k per hour.

It doesn’t matter if you win. In fact, you may want to hit surrender once all the resources have been looted just so you can stay in your chosen league bracket.

Alternately, you can hit rock bottom (trophy count 0-200) for farming gold and elixir. No matter what level your town hall is, you’ll always find an opponent there with huge amounts of resources to steal. That’s because that bracket is where all abandoned villages (i.e., their owners have stopped playing) are found. Sadly, high-level farmers are also there, which means you’ll still have competition. And somehow, the game takes longer to search for opponents there (5 to 10 seconds between searches). Like I’ve previously said, find a low-level bracket where you’re comfortable at.


The farming strategy above is the one I most recommend. To make it more efficient, continue with the remaining tips below.


Focus on one resource at a time

That’s right. Just ONE resource. It may look like you’re saving time if you’re simultaneously collecting gold and elixir, but that just makes you a more attractive target for stronger opponents. They’ll likely attack you because they’ll get more from a single attack.

So instead of stacking resources together to high amounts, just focus on one first, spend it through upgrades (even if it’s just walls), then switch to another resource.

This is especially useful when you’re trying to save up for Dark Elixir to build the Barbarian King Altar.


Lay out defenses and buildings properly

Make sure all your storage buildings are properly defended, and don’t group them together in one walled location. Instead, spread them out and give them equal defenses. This is done so as to force split the invader’s army and dwindle their strength. And even if the enemy units are all spawned to focus on one resource storage, they’ll be already weak enough that they won’t reach the other storages. You lose less resources this way. Villages with great layouts also tend to discourage players from attacking. Experiment with your village and settle with an impregnable design.

Clash of Clans Defensive Village Layout

While storage buildings should stay inside walls, it’s okay if your collectors and mines are placed in the outskirts of your village, as long as you collect from them every time they’ve amassed a good amount of resources.


Use archers to tear down outlying collectors

When you’re in the offensive, you can use archers to attack collectors. Their ranged attack may help keep them from the attack radius of defensive buildings.


Participate and win clan wars

Every time your clan beats another clan, you receive bonus loot that’s quite generous. The stronger the opposing clan member you attack and defeat, the bigger the bonus loot.


Save elixirs by queuing up Wall Breakers in the barracks

If you’re going to be offline for a while, store your elixir where they won’t be looted—at the barracks. First, make sure your army camps are full. Afterwards, queue up Wall Bombers in all of your barracks up to their maximum training capacity. Once you’re back online, remove the queue to get back every one bit of elixir you were supposed to have spent for training.

This tip also works for Dark Elixir. Queue up the most expensive unit (per housing space) in every Dark Barracks until they’re maxed out.


Other tips

  • Avoid hacks, cheats, and third-party programs to gain free gems and other resources. If you get caught, you might get banned.
  • Don’t spend gems to buy resouces. Reserve them for builder’s huts.
  • Walls are effective defenses! Upgrade them to at least level 3.
  • Make use of the village shields to protect your resources, especially when you’re trying to save up for an upgrade.

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