Monday, May 12, 2014

Hay Day diamond guide: add confirmation before spending

Diamonds in the farming game Hay Day is a precious currency, and yet the game somehow encourages accidental spending on unwanted upgrades and purchases. Here’s how you can keep your diamonds secure.

Hay Day diamond confirm button - double tap

By default, all buy/upgrade/speed-up buttons for stuff that requires diamonds only have to be tapped once. There is no dialog box that pops up, asking if you’re really sure on using those hard-earned precious gems on something that you don’t really want to buy or upgrade just yet. There are also no cancel and undo buttons. In fact, players (myself included) often get caught unawares that their diamonds have lessened despite not using it, when they actually have used them without knowing. It happens a lot. Hay Day is all about tapping and swiping to interact with the farm critters and plants, and some of those taps are bound to hit the buy (using diamond) buttons.

Hay Day double tap confirmation

To prevent unintentional use of your diamonds, go to the game’s Settings (the gear button at the upper-left corner of the app), tap Adv. Settings, scroll all the way to the bottom, and tap the Enable diamond confirmation checkbox. This, of course, is turned off by default, so you have to enable it if you want some added protection. Now, accidental spending should be less likely with the double tap confirmation turned on. I still prefer a confirm button or pop-up dialog box, but this should do the trick. And while you’re still in the advanced settings, go ahead and disable some app notifications. Trust me, your phone’s notification menu will be swamped with them the longer you play. It’s quite annoying.

There are many things in Hay Day that can be accessed only through diamonds, so be sure to save them for as long as you can. Only spend them when they’re really needed.

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