Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to Forfeit/Surrender in Dota 2

Losing a game and defeat a certainty? The logical thing to do would be to surrender then and there. Read on to find out how to end a Dota 2 match without incurring an abandon and matchmaking penalty for leaving.

How to Forfeit in Dota 2

Forfeit option in public matchmaking

If you want to end a losing game you’ve gotten into via public matchmaking, the best way is to convince all players in your team to leave the game (by either disconnecting or exiting Dota 2). This is essentially abandoning the match, but won’t be counted as such in your player profile/statistics if all players in your team leaves. Instead, it will be only considered a loss after the server automatically ends the game in 30 seconds.

Remember, all team members must leave the game. If a teammate remains or reconnects back to the game, the first player to leave will get an abandon (assuming his reconnection grace period has expired). Trust is important here, especially when you’re teamed up with random players. It’s easier to forfeit if you’re in a 5-man party comprised of personal friends.

As of this writing, Dota 2 has no option a la League of Legend’s surrendering feature, which lets players on a team decide by voting on whether to end the game prematurely.

Forfeit option in tournaments and private lobbies

Conceding to the opposing team is easier in practice/private games and tournaments. A surrendering player only has to type a sentence that starts with “gg” (as in ggwp) into the chatbox. As shown in the image above, a small window then appears with a 5-second countdown timer, with a Cancel also available should you change your mind on giving up. This doesn’t work on pub games.

Why You Shouldn't Forfeit a Dota 2 Match

The reason why Valve hasn’t added a vote-to-surrender option in Dota 2 public matches is apparently because they want teams to try their hardest to make comeback in losing games.

Why You Should Forfeit a Dota 2 Match

If the game is really so bad (large gap in kills, so many deaths, feeders and noobs, opposing players having 6 Divine Rapiers in their inventory, and so on), there is indeed no point of continuing. Chances of turning the tables are very slim in these occasions, and the winning team will just likely milk their win by staying in the other team’s fountain and farm enemy heroes as they respawn.

Other Notes

If you’re trying to lose and make the game end faster by feeding your hero to the opposing team, you’re doing it wrong. Intentional feeding is against the rules and you’ll likely be reported for doing so. Getting reported repeatedly can put you into the low priority matchmaking queue or in a communications ban.

Image source: Reddit

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