Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to Renew Your BDO American Express Credit Card

As my credit card neared its expiration date, I wondered what I should do in order to renew it. My first BDO American Express credit card only arrived in my mail one day without notice from the bank, and the accompanying papers containing the terms and conditions didn’t mention anything about card renewal. But with a couple of customer service inquiries, I found out how to do so.

How to renew expiring credit card

First, I accessed my account via BDO’s online banking, opened my inbox, and composed a new message with the following body:

Hello. I’d like to know what happens to my credit card when it expires next month. Do I automatically get a new card? Or are there any requirements that I must comply with? Thanks!

A few banking days after, I received a reply from a customer service representative. It didn’t answer any of my questions but only acted as acknowledgement of receipt of my message. It also said to expect another response in a few more days. Indeed, I got a second message from another representative:

Thank you for your message. As checked, your renewal credit card was already re-issued last April 2014. It’s already in transit and should arrive to your billing address a week before your current card’s expiry date. Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you haven’t received your renewal card after the expiry date.

The expected date of arrival as mentioned by the representative turned out to be an overestimation. Last week (which was still weeks away from my expiry date), a mailman arrived at my address and gave me my renewed card. Do remember to be present when the mailman arrives for your own card, because he won’t just hand it over to anyone besides you the owner and people you authorize as mail recipients.

So here are some photos of my old card, followed by photos of my new credit card. Notice that I’ve already wrapped the sides of my new card with adhesive tape to keep its magnetic strip from getting worn down faster.

Old credit card

Old credit card (back)

Renewed credit card

Renewed credit card (back)

Renewed credit card letter

The documents that came with my new card indicated that there was no need to activate my renewal card. Indeed, I was able to use it right away when I shopped for some grocery items. If you’re wondering what to do with your old card if you receive your new one, just cut it and dispose of it properly.

To make this long story short, if you want to renew your BDO American Express credit card, simply wait for the mailman to deliver it to your address. Just remember to be in good credit standing and prevent your account from being deemed as delinquent, which is caused by failure to pay dues on time. BDO and AMEX have absolute discretion to refuse to reissue, renew, or replace the card. (Other banks that issue credit cards should have a similarly simple renewal process).

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