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Offline Trading: How to Trade Dota 2 Items with Offline Users

Found a random player who’s putting the item you most want up for trade, but he’s currently offline? No worries. Valve has implemented a way to let a user make an offer without waiting for the other party to be online at the same time. Here’s how.

Dota 2 - How to Trade Offer

For the informed, trading Dota 2 items is a lucrative activity. Through it you can complete your much-desired item set for your favorite hero, or you can make money off of it. If you don’t have a lot of stuff you can use for exchanges at the moment, there are many ways you can get Dota 2 items for free.

How to Trade Dota 2 Items with Offline Users

Steam calls this new offline item exchanging feature as trade offers, which is available for not just Dota 2 but other Steam games as well. To begin, launch your browser, login in to your Steam account, and go to your Trade Offers page (as shown in the image above). Alternately, enter this to your browser’s address bar:

Or you can also use the Steam client’s dashboard.

Dota 2 Trade Offers

Once you’re in the Trade Offers page, you’ll see any incoming offers,  your sent offers (including the ones that are yet to be accepted), and trade history, which is also useful for checking if someone hacked into your account and made away with your items by trading.

Important: Make sure that your Inventory Privacy is set to anything but Private, or you will not be able to receive trade offers. You can check it by going to your Profile Page, clicking the Edit Profile button, and going to the My Privacy Settings. You can go there directly with this address:

Likewise, there’s no use for this guide if the offline user you’re trying to do business with has his inventory set to private.

Trade with a Steam friend: To make an offer with a friend, simply click the New Trade offer… button and select a friend you wish to trade with. A new window will appear that looks similar to the one used in normal trading. But whereas the normal trading has the other party choose his own items to use for the exchange, in trade offers you’re the one who picks the item in their inventory. Once you’ve chosen the items to give and items you want to receive, click the Click here to confirm trade contents. checkbox, then click the Make Offer button.

Dota 2 Trade Offer window

You can also include a message for things like suggesting other items if your friend won’t like your current offer.

Gifting: Trade offers can also be used to gift an item. You just select items in your inventory that you want to give away and immediately mark the confirm checkbox. Just in case you don’t know what you’re doing, a warning dialog box appears to confirm that you are indeed giving items away and expecting nothing in return. Once all is set, hit the Make Offer button.

Trade with non-friend or other Steam users: There are two ways to trade with a user without having to add him as a friend. The first method is the official Dota 2 Trading Forum. Anyone who has started a new discussion there can be offered a trade. If you want to be on the receiving end of an offer, you just have to start your own new discussion wait for someone to view your post and make an offer. If you no longer want to receive more proposals, simple close the topic.

Dota 2 Trading Forum

The other method is to use your own Trade URL. You can find your own unique URL at the privacy sub-page of Trade Offers, specifically in the Who can send me Trade Offers? link. You can share your trade URL anywhere you want. I suggest credible third-party websites that’s dedicated for Dota 2 item trading, such as Just do remember to follow their rules to avoid getting banned. To stop receiving offers from your current URL, you have the option to create a new one to make all others before it inactive.

Dota 2 Custom URL for Trade Offers

Notification: Every time you make an offer to someone, he will be notified through Steam. Anyone who receives an offer has the option to accept, decline, or make a counter proposal.

Cancel a Trade Offer: If ever you change your mind on a sent offer, simply go to the Sent Offers section, find the pending trade, and hit its Cancel Trade Offer link. All offers also have two weeks before they automatically expire.

Same Item, Multiple Offers: Any item that’s tagged as tradable can be used in trade offers. Furthermore, different offers may contain the same items. But once one of those offers gets accepted, the others that has the same items automatically become inactive and can no longer be accepted.

Learn More: Still hesitant to use Trade Offers? Learn more at the official FAQs page.

Why Offline Trading is Better

This section of my guide should be already obvious to many veteran Dota 2 players. But for those new to the trading scene, here are some reasons why offline trading is at times better than the traditional trading.

Convenience: Only one party has to be online to make an offer. You don’t even have to wait to be added to his/her friend list to initiate a trade. There are also times when you can’t make an online trade (because, for example, you logged your Steam account into a new, unverified computer), making offline trading a viable, alternative choice.

Security: Since this is an offline trade, there’s less pressure in completing a transaction. You also have more time to review the exchange. If you’re about to click on someone’s custom Trade URL, just do remember that it starts with and not variations of it. Hackers try to exploit the ignorant by using phishing sites. You can easily identify these fake websites via their web address, often a misspelled variation of, like steamcomnity or stemcommunty.

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