Friday, June 6, 2014

How to Text Globe to Globe without Load/Balance (Collect Text)

Do you need to text someone but your Globe/TM SIM has zero balance? If you’re in a emergency situation and you really need to contact someone, you can do so with a collect text. Here’s how it works in the Globe and TM network.

What is a collect text?

A collect text works by letting a cellphone owner send a text message, and the recipient must pay for the incoming message in order to receive it. You’re basically texting for free, but it’s actually your friend who will pay. Globe’s collect text (aka reverse charge SMS) service is known as Text Mo Libre Ko.

How to send a Globe-to-Globe message without Load or Balance

To send a text using Globe’s reverse charge SMS, simply type any message and send it to 2354 + friend’s 11-digit GLOBE/TM number. For example: 235409178889999. The recipient will be notified of the incoming message and charged Php1.00 if he accepts it. (If he declines it, you will be notified via SMS that the transaction failed.) He will also be charged another Php1.00 when he replies to your message.

This doesn’t work with Sun Cellular and Smart mobile numbers. It’s only available among local Globe and TM subscribers only.

Text Mo Libre Ko is a text service by Globe in partnership with Chikka. Read the official FAQs page here.

GTSOS Emergency SMS Service

Don’t want your friend to pay for your text? Globe has another service that let’s you send texts in an emergency situation, even when your SIM doesn’t have balance. It’s known as the GTSOS Emergency SMS Service.

To register your Globe/TM SIM, simply text GTSOS and send to 3733. Once registration is successful, you can send up to 3 messages to any local (non-roaming) Globe/TM number like a normal text. It also gives Php1.00 load which you can use to send a text to another network. To check your Emergency Text Service balance, text GTSOSBAL and send to 3733.

Once again this SMS service isn’t technically free. Once you top up your balance, you will be automatically charged Php4.00 for the “borrowed” texts. You will be allowed to register to GTSOS whether you have balance or not and for as many times you want, as long as you’ve already paid for any previous loans.

What about Globe collect calls?

There used to be a Globe service that lets you make calls to another Globe/TM even without a load (because the recipient will be charged for it should he accept it), but it’s no longer available. Globe does mention in its GTSOS official FAQs page that such emergency call service may eventually return.

Do you know other ways to text free messages despite having zero load? Share them in the comments below.

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