Saturday, January 24, 2015

7 reasons why I post “Only Me” status on Facebook

I’m an active Facebook user. My personal Timeline is riddled with daily statuses, photos and videos. However, several of my friends will liken it to a ghost town, with posts set apart between days (or even weeks). The contents are really there. It’s just that most of them are set to “Only Me.”

The moment I shared this trivial piece of information about me to a couple of my friends, they laughed at me. It’s as if no normal person in the world would upload stuff just to keep it private and for their eyes only. Perhaps these seven reasons will shed light on any readers who are currently scratching their heads or also laughing.

Facebook Only Me status

I don’t have an ego to feed

This is for all the Facebook narcissists out there whose one goal is to have 15 minutes of fame (and then desperately trying to prolong that pointless publicity). Unlike these guys, I don’t post stuff just to brag to friends and gather Likes. I don’t see the need to make my friends feel inferior in order to increase my self-worth. I don’t even bother to sugarcoat my goings-on (like applying Instagram filters to shitty pictures or cutting out embarrassing parts in videos). I’m keeping it real.

Not convinced? Perhaps this video I first saw from Gizmodo will:

Your friends are faking it, so don’t be jelly!

I’m no social climber

This is similar to my previous reason. I don’t have to keep up with my friends’ popularity. I keep to myself. Sadly, just as there people who keep up with the Joneses in real life, there are also social climbers who are trying to reach high social status on Facebook. And they do so with active participation on comments and chat, along with constant updates on their personal Timeline. I am NOT one of those people.

I’m not after Likes. I’m not one of those people rehash their Facebook content just to keep its number of Likes rising, which a couple of my friends are guilty of. You know… rehashing. For instance, it’s when you reuse an old upload as your profile picture instead of uploading a new one. Or when you comment on an old status of yours so it can be seen on your friends’ new feed again and be interacted on.

Not all posts have to be public

This should be fairly obvious, but there are just some posts you ought to keep to yourself. Things that could get you fired from your job and make you a social pariah should be kept private. Unless you have no shame or worries, then go ahead and make them public.

On the other hand, if you’re using Facebook to store and hide sensitive, controversial stuff about yourself (a nude picture or sex tape, maybe?), you’re doing it wrong in the first place. All it takes is a simple hack or password leak to expose your hidden secrets.

I let off steam through “Only Me” posts

I use private posts to let out my anger and then forget about it. It’s my way of releasing my frustrations without harming anyone. It’s actually better that my posts are kept private; my writing can be so aggressive that I’ve made a couple of people cry or even traumatized with just a few words. While some Facebook friends would support me for letting out my thoughts, some others would just see me as an uncontrollable freak whose roars are louder in words than in action.

It’s a reminder of the past

I’m a forgetful person. Or maybe I’m just repressing some sad memories. Regardless, I can use what I post on Facebook to recall previous moments. It’s nothing like Dumbledore’s Pensieve, but at least I hope the posts can make me remember stuff as I read them.

Who cares?

Some of my posts beg the question, “Who cares?” It’s because they’re too trivial and just not that worthy to be seen in the news feeds of my friends.

It’s like a diary

I could just write my journal the old fashion way through a physical diary, but my handwriting is bad. I’d rather type.


Most of these reasons indicate one major thing about me: I’m an introvert. So instead of talking to myself out loud when no one else is nearby (because that’s just weirder), I’d rather express to myself by posting “Only Me” content. I’m not ashamed of it. When my friends laughed about it, I was just taken aback. What do you think about “Only Me” statuses?

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