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Hearthstone Naxxramas Hunter Class Challenge Strategy Guide

The Naxxramas Hunter class challenge dares players to beat Loatheb. In exchange, players earn two Webspinner cards for the Hunter class.

Hearthstone Naxxramas Hunter Class Challenge Strategy Guide

Naxxramas Hunter Class Challenge Deck

For this challenge, the entire pre-constructed deck is made of just one card: the Webspinner. All thirty cards in your deck is just Webspinner. It’s a 1-mana Hunter-only beast card with 1/1 stat and has a Deathrattle effect: add a random Beast card to your hand.

Naxxramas Hunter Class Challenge Strategy

  • Summon as many Webspinners as you can during the early turns.
  • Use the Webspinners to clear the board of enemy minions. They aren’t good enough in dealing significant damage to Loatheb because of their weak attack and the many AoE spells and effects that Loatheb has, so you might as well let them die along with enemy minions.
  • Loatheb has many cards that summon a 0/1 Spore, which when killed gives +8 Attack to all your minions. Make sure when you kill a Spore that you have a lot of beasts (i.e., the ones you get from Webspinner’s Deathrattle effect) on the board, especially those that have more than 1 Health. Killing three Spores while you have three minions on the board guarantees at least a total of +72 Attack, which means you can easily finish the game during your current turn or in the next few turns.
  • Like I said, Loatheb has a lot of cards that can easily remove your minions with low health points. Don’t bother buffing their Attack with the Spore’s Deathrattle effect since they won’t survive long enough to deal damage to Loatheb.
  • Your strategy to this challenge may vary depending on what beast cards you get from your Webspinners. Adapt accordingly. If you’re lucky, you’ll have high chances of winning when you get Scavenging Hyena, Starving Buzzard and legendary beast cards.

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