Sunday, April 26, 2015

Disable DT Ignite app from your Globe smartphone to avoid bloatware

If you recently acquired a new Android smartphone as part of your Globe Telecom postpaid plan, the next thing you should do right after setting up the device for the first time is to go to its application manager, find the pre-installed DT Ignite app (aka, Digital Turbine Ignite) and disable it. If not, prepare to be see your mobile data usage skyrocket due to bloatware being downloaded in the background without your permission.

DTIgnite in Application ManagerDTIgnite app info

Don’t believe me? Perhaps this 2014 press release that announced the partnership between Globe Telecom and Mandalay Digital Group will convince you. Per the press release title, the partnership is meant to boost app usage. And they do that by automatically downloading apps. If the DT Ignite remains enabled in your smartphone’s system, you’ll be shocked to see apps that just keep popping up in your homescreen. To name a few, I saw DU Battery Saver, Drippler and Cookie Jam appearing on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for no apparent reason. More apps would have appeared had I not realized the DT Ignite app was behind it.

The problem with this is that our smartphone’s storage is limited; we don’t want bloatware apps consuming it all. Another problem is that Globe’s postpaid Internet plans have limited bandwidth. Surely you don’t want your 5GB monthly limit to be spent entirely on forced app downloads, do you? (Though to be fair, DT Ignite’s official website states that “applications are delivered to mobile devices from the cloud via zero-rated data.” So does that mean we need not worry about reaching our monthly data limit because of these downloads?)

I’m not blowing smoke here, because other people have encountered this carrier bloatware problem as well. There’s even a forum thread from Globe Community that described the problem in complete detail. It mentioned Globe’s customer service apparently being unaware of the situation, which is funny because the DT Ignite app uses the Globe Telecom icon. And this isn’t just limited to Globe Telecom. Other carriers, such as Verizon and T-Mobile in the US, are utilizing DT Ignite to force subscribers into getting apps they don’t really want.

I don’t know if Globe is allowed to do this to their subscribers, but it’s probably mentioned in fine print in their terms of use. Regardless, it’s easy to fix/avoid the problem. Just disable the DT Ignite app.

Go to your Android smartphone’s Settings menu and find the Applications manager. As seen in the images above, switch to the All tab, scroll down and tap the DTIgnite (which may also be listed as Ignite Apps or just Ignite) app, tap the Disable button, and tap the OK button to confirm. The problem is now solved; your smartphone should no longer download bloatware apps in the background.

After that, you only need to find the apps that DT Ignite automatically installed and uninstall them to free up your device storage. You should also use a file manager and see if there’s a DTIgnite folder in your smartphone. It contains the installer files (.apk) of the bloatware apps. Delete it if it exists to further free up your storage.

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